SAP abap mm module report with screen shots in erp programming

ABAP Programming report lets you view the stock of a material across all organizational levels. Within a company, individuals at various levels use this report to assess the stock situation of a material. The stock overview can be displayed in two formats:

1. The basic list gives you an overview of a material’s stock at all existing organizational levels (depending on your selection criteria).

2. The detail list gives you an overview of a material’s stock at a specified—and the next lower—organizational level (depending on your selection criteria).

Depending on the stock type, a number of display versions exist for both lists. The system administrator normally determines which stocks appear in which columns, as well as the order in which these columns are displayed.

This report enables you to view the inventory breakdown for a material at all organizational levels:

  1. Client codes
  2. Company codes
  3. Plants
  4. Storage locations
  5. Batches
You must enter the material number before you run this report. To narrow your search, we suggest using additional selection criteria.

The selection screen of this report includes:

  1. Variants
  2. Dynamic selection options
  3. User variables
  4. Execution (and print) in background
To access the first screen for this report, choose Logistics → Materials management →
Inventory management → Environment → Stock → Stock overview.

1. Enter 103-100 in Material. Accept all defaults on this screen. This will produce a stock overview report for the material across all plants and storage locations.
2. Choose Execute.

This screen shows the entire inventory for material 103-100 across all plants, regardless of company code. In this example, the report includes both Germany (company code 1000) and the United States (company code 3000).

3. Double click on a specific line (for example, storage location 0088) to drill down to a lower level of detail. This screen shows detailed information for storage location 0088.

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