ERP Basis and SAP NetWeaver Overview

ERP is an acronem of enterprize resource planning and this methodolgy with suitable software is widely used in running the business of large scale.SAP is one of the most popular software in ERP domain and we are also going to discuss how netweaver works for you in this aspect.

Organizational levels and grasp data present the framework that helps the enterprise transactions. Reporting lets you view master knowledge, as properly as the output of business transactions. As a mission workforce member, it is necessary that you simply understand the elemental concepts of organizational levels, master data, transaction knowledge, and reporting.

Enterprise Providers Architecture (ESA) permits enterprise innovation by leveraging current IT belongings, maximizing agility, and lowering Total Price of Ownership (TCO).

SAP Netweaver is the appliance and integration platform that finest helps ESA utilizing Internet Services Technology.

1. Ranging from the 70‘s there have been major know-how waves - from mainframe computing to client server architectures, and now from consumer server expertise to service oriented architectures.

2.Previously such shifts in technology have brought about an entire alternative of the underlying IT infrastructure, but with the shift from SAP R/three to mySAP ERP that‘s now not true .

3. SAP will protect and leverage the 200 billion $ investments already made in R/three and will take an evolutionary strategy for the next technology shift in course of internet companies driven architectures.After the SAP R/1 and SAP R/2 products, SAP introduced SAP R/3 in 1992. Now there was a two layer structure (SAP Foundation and SAP Utility).

4. With mySAP ERP, which has been out there since March 2003, SAP provided a bundle of components supporting ERP enterprise processes. At this point, SAP R/three Enterprise was one of those components. As you probably can see here, even from this point mySAP ERP was extra than simply SAP R/three Enterprise plus SAP NetWeaver, since it provided many purposeful enhancements like Self Companies, SAP SEM, and others.

5. As mentioned in previous slides, the subsequent steps include a tighter integration inside mySAP ERP , enhancements within the space of usability and worker efficiency, and the discount of TCO.

6. The SAP ERP Central Element (ECC) represents the next step on this evolution. The orange packing containers represent the gadgets that may be operated on an SAP ERP Central Component. And in the SAP NetWeaver area, you may see the darkish blue frames which may be technically integrated in the SAP ERP Central Component (Enterprise Intelligence solely on a project foundation).

7. Looking on the 2004 edition, it is clear that mySAP ERP is extra than just SAP ERP Central Element plus SAP NetWeaver. Please notice, that the worth for the person customer might come from one component of mySAP ERP - or the mixture of several elements inside mySAP ERP. Whenever you explain the value to your clients, it is smart to not focus solely on a single component.

Since Launch 4.6C, SAP R/three consisted of two parts: SAP Basis (the know-how platform) and the application. To come to a better SAP R/three Launch, prospects needed to improve both the expertise and the application.

8. With SAP R/three Enterprise, the latest model of SAP R/3, SAP was introducing a new part within SAP R/three, the SAP R/3 Enterprise Extensions. From that time, new functionality might be delivered in the SAP R/three system by simply upgrading the SAP R/3 Enterprise Extension layer. Even if upgrading requires some investment, the upgrade of this layer has been diminished, as a result of the Enterprise Core is not touched by this upgrade.

9. With mySAP ERP, a new mySAP solution was born. Though there are quite a bit of other SAP elements included in mySAP ERP, SAP R/three Enterprise is also included in mySAP ERP. This explains why a buyer who has implemented SAP R/three Enterprise has nothing to do from a technical perspective when changing his license to mySAP ERP.

There are factors which are leading SAP R/three clients to think about modernization, consolidation, and rationalization of their ERP environment.

Some situations to look out for:

1. They need to consolidate multiple SAP R/three programs to reduce price and optimize system panorama .

2. They've new reporting & analytics, regulatory, and transparency requirements.

3. They should combine a number of, diverse ERP and different programs .

4. Restructuring activities, mergers, and acquisitions require new goal ERP landscapes.

5. Some need to go to the mySAP Enterprise Suite, but the step is simply too giant and they're looking for a subsequent step .

6. Some simply need to lengthen the scope of their existing ERP functionality.

MmySAP ERP is powered by SAP NetWeaver. Let’s now take a look at how the answer is already making use of the capabilities of SAP NetWeaver.

7. One excellent example is the Self Companies supplied with mySAP ERP. They make probably the most of the portal capabilities, make use of SAP Enterprise Data Warehouse (BW) by manner of the Supervisor Self Companies, and are technically based on the SAP Internet Utility Server.

8. Other functionalities, just like the Self-Service Procurement, make probably the most of the Integration Broker (SAP Trade Infrastructure).

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