EDI ALE IDOC tools for displaying information part three

Previously we have discussed about SAP ALE IDOC tools and this is in continuation with that post.

The output is a tree structure of IDocs sorted first by direction (inbound or outbound) and then by status codes . IDocs in error are displayed with red icons, IDocs with a warning are yellow, and successful IDocs are green. We can double−click any line to display the IDocs with that status code. A list of IDocs for the currently selected tree node appears in the list window to the right of the tree display.

IDoc Statistics

The IDoc Statistics program provides a report on the overall status of all the IDocs in the ALE/EDI interface. This program generates an output of IDocs that match your selection criteria. The selection parameters of this program allow you to restrict the number of IDocs that are selected. The default is all IDocs.

Transaction code is : WE07

Menu Path is : From the Area menu of EDI, choose IDoc, IDoc Statistics.

The output is a report of all the IDocs by status groups. A status group is a number that represents a list of status codes that have been grouped together to represent a particular type of error.

For example, status group 6 represents errors in the subsystem. In table TEDS3, you can see a list of various status groups and the status code included in each group.

By looking at the output of this report , you can tell how many IDocs are in the EDI subsystem, how many are in error, how many are awaiting dispatch, and so on. You double−click any box to
display the list of IDocs in a particular status group. From the list, you can drill down to a specific IDoc.


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  1. Hi. This information is very helpful. Can someone please tell me how I can use transaction WE07 to get a list of WHO processed all the IDOCS in error? We are trying to determine who all is processing our IDOC errors, and to find a system/SAP report that tells us who all processed IDOC errors over the last 12 months?