Work load analysis on SAP System

While working with SAP systems we shall analyze the load in the ERP and proceed.This article deals with the concept of workload on the system.

The workload analysis report monitors load on an organizational object such as user, position, job, or work center. The only restriction is that work items have to be executed and completed from within the workflow.

If they are completed outside the workflow, the system does not have visibility into the person who carried out the task. The selection parameters of this report allow you to restrict the output by type of organizational object, completion date, and task . The output is a report showing the work items that have been completed by the user.

The Transaction code forwork load analysis is SWI5 and the Menu Path is From the Area menu of workflow (SWLD), choose Reporting, Workload Analysis.

System−Level Logs

The system maintains log information for critical errors related to technical problems, such as problems with the network or the file system. A functional user is not involved in analyzing or resolving these errors.

The main users are the system administrators responsible for maintaining the system. The EDI administrator will most likely be involved with these tools at some point. The ALE/EDI programmers also interact with these tools during the development and testing phase.

Input File Log

The Transaction code is WE08 and the menu path is From the Area menu of EDI, choose IDoc, Display Status, File Interface.

A file log is maintained in the EDI process to log any problems in reading or deleting IDoc files on the inbound process. The inbound process maintains this log, stored as table EDFI2, to avoid processing the same file twice in case of an error. The EDI administrator is notified when entries are created in the file log.

The system maintains the file name and the last record read successfully from the IDoc file. The system also records the last IDoc number generated from the file. The EDI administrator has to edit the incoming file manually, by looking for problems near the record number recorded in the log, copying into another file the records that have not been processed yet, and then starting the process again.

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