Work Load analysis on SAP System part two

previously How SAP systems adjusts the work load on it we have discussed and this is the continuation to that post.

Asynchronous Update Log:

Most applications use an asynchronous update method to speed the response time for end users. When an application document is saved, the data is stored in intermediate storage and then transferred to the database by asynchronous update processes.

For outbound ALE/EDI processes, the IDoc selection program in many cases is started in the update routine. Syntax errors in the selection program or other hard errors can cause the update process to fail and result in a dump. In this event, the system maintains an update log .

Usually, the Basis group or a programmer who is testing an IDoc selection program monitors this log. For detailed information,double−click the error line.

The Transaction code for this is SM13 and the menu Path is From the SAP standard menu, choose Tools, Administration, Monitor, Update.

An express mail is also sent to the user, informing him or her about the error. If you have written IDoc selection programs for the ALE/EDI interface, you probably remember receiving an express mail saying that the update was terminated when an error occurred in your selection program.

SAP System Dump Analysis:

This log maintains a list of dumps ( a log of program crashes). You can view this log to resolve any dumps described in the preceding section. The dump report is highly technical and is used mainly by a programmer developing IDoc programs.

we can use it when the system behaves mysteriously and everything looks fine. The reason for the mysterious behavior is obvious: The program crashed and did not have a chance to log any information. The dump analysis report in the SAP system is far superior to similar reports .

The report provides several leads to help you determine the cause of the problem, and also shows you the line of code where the failure occurred.

The transaction code for dump analysis is ST22 and the menu Path is From the SAP standard menu, choose Tools, Administration, Monitor, Dump Analysis.

We will continue discussing the SAP logs in the further posts.

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