SAP EDI Process Restart with ALE Tools

If error occurs in EDI process of SAP we can use the method is an alternative to restarting the process from the SAP Inbox and is commonly deployed for mass errors, but you can also use this approach for single errors.

Scenario :Consider the following situation: If the file system has some problemsay that it's full or in accessible the dispatch program will fail in passing the IDocs from the SAP system to the EDI subsystem. A work item will be generated for every IDoc that fails. The number of such work items can be enormous, considering the number of IDocs typically exchanged in a company.

After you fix the problem, you can use the outbound ALE tool to restart all the failed IDocs in one step, without having to execute a work item for each failed IDoc in the SAP Inbox. You use transaction BD87 to bail out IDocs that are in error.

The transaction code is BD87 and the menu path for this is From the area menu for ALE Administration (BALE), choose Monitoring, Process IDocs.

The following are corresponding status codes of errors.

This tool allows you to process the IDocs from the point of failure without having to restart the process from the beginning.

The steps are

1.Execute transaction BD87. 1.
2.From the screen displayed as shown and fill in the selection criteria.

3.On the next screen you can select a summary line and click the Process button to reprocess all IDocs represented by the line. By clicking the Restrict and Process button, you are shown another selection screen to further restrict the number of IDocs to be processed.

And will be further presented in the coming posts.

The previous post deals with trouble shooting of edi with tools .


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