SAP System Logs and Analysis part two

In The SAP system we have different system logs and this are further available SAP system logs.

The audit analysis for a destination system allows you to

1.Monitor the processing state of IDocs from the sending system ·

2.Monitor IDocs currently being processed on the sending system ·

A standard program, RBDAUD01 (transaction BDM7), is provided to display entries in the audit log. On the selection screen of this program, you can choose the logical system name of the destination system, message type, and creation date of IDocs.

The output shows IDocs in process on the current system for the destination system and IDocs in process on the receiving system.

You double−click any line to display detailed statistics.

Use the SAP Inbox

You will notice that when you execute a work item, it takes you to a log that you can also view without using workflow.

For example, if you have a work item for an application error in the IDoc, it takes you to the IDoc display screen where you can look at the error. By now, you're probably wondering why you use workflow when you can get to the IDoc display directly using transaction WE02 or WE05.

Workflow notifications are useful for error situations that can be predefined, but where the timing of errors is unpredictable. For example, the problem with the file log is very rare, so the system administrator will not be monitoring the log on a regular basis.

Workflow monitoring is also suited for people who are not frequent users of the system. The advantages of using workflow are timeliness and accountability for resolving the problems.

System administrators are interested in the overall state of the system and are more tuned to using the tools directly for everyday repetitive tasks.

For example, the EDI administrator will most likely be monitoring the IDoc list for errors to get a global view of the problems in the system. The information that administrators need cannot be defined concisely. Also, they have to monitor a wide range of errors.



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