EDI Trouble Shooting for SAP part two

EDI trouble shooting for SAP in view of ABAP is the previous discussion this post is in continuation to that topic.

Restarting Message Control :

The restart from within the Message control can be carried out for applications that use Message control.

Automatically You can restart the outbound process from within the application document by going to the output control screen. You go into the document in change mode. Some output types are configured to be proposed every time you enter the document this way.

A new entry will exist with a current status of yellow, or 0, indicating that the entry has not been processed yet. The document can then be saved. The timing of the output type determines when processing will start.

To see whether an output type is proposed every time you go to change a document, go to the settings of the output type. If the Condition Access and Multiple Issuing flags are checked, the output type is configured for proposal every time. However, the output still might not be proposed if condition records and requirements are not satisfied.

Repeat Output

If your output is not proposed automatically, you can manually repeat the output from the output control screen by selecting the previously failed output and then clicking the Repeat Output button on the toolbar.

This step will create a new entry in the output type list. After you save the document, the timing of the output determines when the processing will start.

Output from NAST

You can also start the process from a NAST entry. This approach is possible only for entries that were once successful and were sent with a timing of 1 or 2 in the output type. This technique is useful when you have to send an output because it was lost or when you have to repeatedly test an output type. In this case, if you use the output control screen, it fills up very quickly and looks quite messy.

To start the processing, you execute the RSNAST00 program via SE38 or directly by executing transaction WE15. Enter the object key, which is your document number , and select the Send Again check box. Click the Execute button to restart the outbound process.

Restarting from the SAP Inbox

If a EDI workflow message was generated for the error, you have the option of restarting the process from within workflow. If the resulting screen has a Process button, restart is possible from within workflow.

Restarting from the SAP Inbox saves you the trouble of remembering the application transaction and data values. Remember, workflow brings the right task with the right information to the right person at the right time in the right sequence. You can simply execute the work item to start the process.


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