ERP System Implementation Practices

Implementing ERP system in any company is a vital part of going to the next level and here are the things that has to be taken care during erp implementation.

ABC Approach of erp and software installation :

-->For erp system implementation the general approach followed is ABC approach where in part A very important things are placed who are vital for any business. In part B a bit less significant and in part C least significant items are placed in the plan.

The funny part is the computer its software and hard ware are in kept in part C .Yes they are need but least significant.

In part B we have data of the business like inventory and bill of materials for analysis .

See here for an introduction of enterprise resource palning system introduction.

In part A the most significant part people are placed. They shall understand the process properly so that they can record the data accurately.

If the information fed to erp system is inaccurate results will be pathetic and blaming it for that is not correct as it is working on the data given to it. It is the set of people who implemented erp who failed but not ERP.

Financial reports shall developed by the people at lever one basing on the data available and it helps at all levels and make the business better. So erp implementation at level one that is people at the high level understanding it correctly is very important for the success of erp.

ERP does not mean implementing a enterprise software like our SAP or people soft or Oracle but blending it into the needs of company and understanding it better for the better performance.

Thus understanding the needs of company and implementing enterprise resource planning system is a time taking process and it is worth of it. Hence People who are operating the business shall play a crucial role in implementation of erp. If the company is not able to spend that much of time on it first it shall implement the enterprise resource software and implement it step by step starting from sales and service strategy for customers ,customer relationship management, who is vital part.

System applications and products pronounces as SAP R/3 is the leading enterprise software which helps in implementing ERP in big companies.

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