ERP Implementation Challenges

Implementing enterprise resource planning is a lot of work for an company as it is a new way of understanding the business process of demand and supply and with erp software information across the branches flows very quickly and decisions shall be taken at the same speed.

ERP shall be implemented with insiders of business and outsourcing it will always creates problems.

Some high level people of the company shall do this job besides their regular job which generally takes the toll of the quality of implementation.

The people who use erp tools shall participate in implementing erp practices.The time of implementation is critical and takes a lot of pain in the process.High level people of the company shall do this double job which makes very difficult to run the process of erp.

With ERP people shall start acting more quickly and they must accustom for this.ERP produces good results when it is implemented correctly.

It shall have aggressive schedule and proven path for implementation.

Taking a time more than a year takes its seriousness and positive feeling of getting changed for for better business away and leads no where.

Temporary Change in the business shall not effect the implementation of erp and its software.

During implementation of erp time,resources and work shall be taken into consideration and plan
shall be laid down for it.

So erp implementation can be divided into parts like different departments and they can be integrated at the later stage .This gives the advantage of seeing the results in one department and hence resources can be effectively utilized by the next departments.

At first the top level executives of company shall know what is enterprise resource planning is

how it gives benefits ?

what is their role during and after implementation?

how data is integrated ?

All this questions shall be answered before starting the erp process.

A executive committed shall be formed with project team, and a full time project leader for implementing erp.

Every one in the company shall be trained about their new way of doing the job and its benefits.

All this steps shall be followed in the name and spirit for better results so that there is word like erp is failed.

As it is said it is not the failure of erp but the people who has not understand it properly and not implemented correctly.

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