SAP Sales ALL or OPEN Deliveries abap programming report

SAP programming report in sales module is about the list of all deliveries or open deliveries. This report lists deliveries by either ship-to party or material number. You can either display all deliveries or only the open deliveries. Depending on your selection criteria, the system displays the desired report.

The following entries are required to run this report:

1.Valid ship-to party or material master number
2. Valid shipping point

From this report, you can branch to the SD document, document status, document flow, ship-to party, and material master.

The selection screen of this report includes:

  1. Input ship-to party and material number.
  2. Input SD organizational data (Shipping point is also required)
  3. Other selection criteria
  4. Delivery type
  5. Delivery number
  6. Created by
  7. Date range
  8. Display variants
  9. 0CUS Delivery overview
  10. 0LPK Delivery: Material/partner view
  11. 0LZK Partner deliveries
  12. 0LZM Deliveries by material
  13. 0PZK Partner delivery items 1SAP
  14. Output screen
  15. Filter functions
  16. Sort functions
  17. Sum up function
  18. Change the width of the column, and freeze or unfreeze columns.
  19. Alternate between display variants Settings → Display variants → Choose)
  20. Branch to the SD document, document status, document flow, and master data (customer address, partner [sold-to] and material).
This report contains data from SD documents which include materials and partners. You can branch to the SD document for editing, but you cannot manipulate data from the output.

To access the first screen for this report, choose
Logistics → Sales and distribution → Shipping → Delivery → List → Deliveries.

1. Enter 2300 in Ship-to party. Alternatively, you could enter a valid Material number.
2. Under Document data, enter a date range (for example, 07/19/1998 to 08/18/1998) in Delivery date.The delivery due date is the date on which the delivery should be made.
3. Select All deliveries as your selection criteria.
4. Choose Enter.

This screen shows the output as a basic list with no display variant. It lists all open deliveries for ship-to party 2300.

You may choose Filter, Summation, or Display variant to change the layout.

This screen shows the List of Deliveries By partner for display variant 3SAP (schedule lines).
You may select any line, choose Environment, and then branch out to the SD document information and master data.

You may change the layout by choosing Setting → Display variant → Current.

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