SAP Incomplete Sales document abap report

This sap report using abap programming lists all incomplete sales documents based on specified selection criteria.No prerequisites are required to run this report. However, entering selection
criteria is recommended. If you do not select the type of incomplete sales document you want to list, the list will be empty.From this abap report, you can branch out to the SD document and edit missing data from the report.

The selection screen of this erp programming report includes:

  1. Selecting incompleteness
  2. General
  3. Delivery
  4. Billing
  5. Price determination
  6. Status group
  7. Document selection
  8. Dynamic selection options
  9. User variables
  10. Output screen
  11. Type of incompleteness (shown on overview list)
  12. Background execution and printing
From this report, you can view missing data by marking a document and selecting the function Details. You can edit the selected document from this branch of the list. Position the cursor on a specific document to branch into that document and make your changes.

You can also process incomplete documents from the overview list by marking the documents to be changed and by selecting the function Edit documents. The list is not updated.

To access the first screen for this report, choose
Logistics → Sales and distribution → Sales → Environment → Document analysis → Incomplete documents.

The screen shows the following important points as shown in the figure.

1. Under Incompleteness, select all types of incompleteness.
2. Under Organizational data, enter 0010 in Sales Organization.
3. For this example, no SD transactions need to be entered. For a list of transactions, click on
the SD transaction field to reveal a possible entries list.
4. Choose Execute.

This screen shows the list of incomplete sales documents. The matrix indicates the reasons for the incompleteness.
5. To edit a document, select the checkbox to the left of the desired SD document (for example, Order 28).
6. Choose Edit documents.
7. Choose Display to navigate to details of the incompleteness. This screen shows the selected sales document and indicates missing data.
8. Choose Edit documents, to edit this sales document.

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