SAP CRM Communication Architecture

SAP CRM Communication Architecture helps to bring a system to communicate with customers in a systematic way and make the running of the business process smoother.The Integrated Communication Interface (ICI) is an open interface for connecting third-party communication products to SAP components.The Integrated Communication Interface supports telephony, e-mail, chat, as nicely as real-time monitoring. SOAP stands for Easy Object Access Protocol. SAP Interplay Center is an integral part of SAP CRM and integrates with Communication Administration Methods, Data Warehouses and ERP Processing.

What are the advantages of Communication Integration within the Interplay Middle-
  1. Simplified operation by mushy-phone controls
  2. Automated identification of communication companion
  3. Speeding up of processes in the name heart
The Built-in Communication Interface (ICI) is the interface of the SAP system to the exterior communication software. Within the SAP system, the ICI passes the data by way of the Business
Communication Dealer (BCB) to SAP purposes just like the CRM IC WebClient or the IC supervisor Dashboard.Communication administration software refers to third get together software products that managecommunication channels corresponding to telephone, e-mail, and chat. The Integrated Communications Interface(ICI) allows the communication management software to speak with SAP purposes like theIC WebClient.

Communication management software program is delivered by varied SAP software program companions and might have different functional scopes (CTI = Laptop Telephony Integration, and so on).Certified communication software program partners will be found on the SAP service marketplace (alias/software partner).The contact push mechanism makes positive that one agent receives only one communication request at a time. In our instance a cellphone call.In case of a phone call the contact push also synchronizes the agents devices (cellphone rings and display alerts simultaneously).The contact push mechanism can be used to push a mail or a chat request to the agents UI.

The incoming e-mail is indicated by the blinking buttons Accept and Reject.The name of the account is displayed.When the agent accepts the e-mail, account and mail information are displayed.The contact push mechanism can be used to push a phone name or a chat request to the brokers UI.The Business Communication Dealer (BCB) is part of the SAP system basis and allows to handle communication like telephone, e-mail, and chat.BCB is ready to dispatch incoming and outgoing communication processes between exterior and inside software components.An exterior communication software program is, for example, a Pc Telephony Integration Server (CTI) connected to your telephone system. The connection to the exterior communication software program is finished in the IC WebClient administration of communication administration software.

For e-mail communication there are two choices:
  1. The contact push as described on the earlier slides. Only one communication process at a time is pushed to the agent and blinks on the screen. This is handled by the Built-in Communication
  2. Interface (ICI) and the Business Communication Broker (BCB).
  3. A pull mechanism based on the SAPconnect interface and the IC WebClient agent inbox. Here many mails will be displayed within the agents inbox and the agent actively “pulls” a mail out of the inbox to process it. Moreover e-mail, this course of may deal with fax and letter.
The separation of the two situations is managed by the e-mail profile in the WebClient customizing.This situation described below how an e mail is transferred from an exterior mail server into the SAP CRM system and routed to the agent inbox.Varied components a required for this state of affairs:
  1. The mail is received by the SAP connect interface
  2. The inbound distribution forwards the email to the mail handling workflow of the interaction center
  3. The email workflow converts the mail into a work merchandise and routes it a bunch of brokers (details see slides afterward in this unit).
  4. The routing of mails might be enhanced via ERMS .
  5. The routed work item needs to built-in into the agent inbox of the IC WebClient. That is performed by agent inbox specific customizing settings

SAPconnect affords a typical interface that allows sending and receiving Internet mails, faxes, and textual content messages (pager / SMS). (Solely e-mail is proven on this graphic).There are two alternate options for connecting a mail server by manner of SAPconnect:
  1. SAPconnect with SMTP plug-in (as of SAP Net Application Server 6.10)
  2. SAP system kernel helps SMTP (the Web mail protocol) immediately; that's, e-mails may be sent from the SAP system to every SMTP-compatible mail server or acquired from the SAP system,without the necessity for some other components.
  3. SAPconnect with RFC (SAP Foundation 3.1 upwards) Varied gateways will be linked through the RFC, they usually transfer e-mail between the SAP system and certain mail servers.
SAP recommends connecting by method of the SMTP plug-in.Within the Recipient Distribution you are mapping the externally published e-mail tackle (recipient) of your company to a workflow object. The workflow will route the mail as a piece item to a inside crew of agents.On the similar time you assign an inner recipient tackle (new recipient).

Required steps:
  1. Enter the externally published e-mail handle of your organization (recipient)
  2. Select through the F4 Assist the suitable
  3. Select in the same F4 Assist the interior recipient deal with of your service team.
Any agent that is speculated to obtain emails as workflow objects in the agent inbox of the IC have to be assigned to the workflow.This can be accomplished in the IC WebClient Agent Inbox administration for the workflow routing without ERMS.Or in the ERMS administration if the IC WebClient mail routing based upon ERMS is used.

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