SAP CRM Partner Processing

SAP CRM Partner Processing willpower controls enterprise accomplice processing in transaction processing. Partner data could be checked for correctness utilizing guidelines outlined in Customizing. In this method, the person creates complete,consistent transactions and documents. All transactions in CRM contain business partners. Partner processing allows you to work with these companions efficiently and consistently.Companion processing contains associate determination, the process with which the system robotic ally finds and enters companions in transactions.Accomplice processing allows you to outline companions together with your company’s terminology. It also enables you to specify many facets of how partners are handled in transactions and lets you set how CRM and R/3 trade partner processing information. Which means end users don’t have to suppose about partner processing.

The primary business associate is entered throughout transaction processing. In Gross sales, this is usually the offered-to social gathering; in an opportunity, that is the gross sales prospect. Partner processing ensures that other companions concerned in the transaction are determined routinely by the system.In a transaction, partners might be determined at each header and item level. The companions discovered don't must match.

1. Which partners have to be involved in the transaction?

It's attainable to define that sure associate are mandatory for a business transaction. If the willpower fails or no partner was entered manually by the consumer, the enterprise transaction will lead to an error.

2. Are the partners decided robotically or accomplished manually?

Using access sequences (search strategies) it is potential to robotically determine partners.

3. When are the partners determined?

Three willpower instances can be used: Recurring, During Product Entry, When Saving.As quickly as a enterprise transaction is saved, no automatic accomplice dedication will take place. Alternative associate proposal permits you to trigger partner determination inside business transactions with a objective to change previously robotically decided companions, quickly and easily throughout the software itself. This implies you not have to go looking manually for partners you wish to replace.The perform may also be used to redetermine companions in saved paperwork and for triggering accomplice dedication for empty accomplice features saved beforehand in a document.

Partner perform category: This classification of duties is used as a system key for identifying the associate function and the enterprise partners who perform these responsibilities. The mySAP CRM system includes SAP predefined companion operate categories that cannot be modified or created again. Example: Partner function customer has the accomplice perform class bought-to party.

Associate function: Terms for describing individuals with whom you do business. Prospects may also be known as offered-to parties, shoppers, patients or tenants. Partner features describe those partners that you utilize in your organization. You'll find a way to assign names freely. Companion dedication process: Guidelines that determine how the system works with enterprise companions during transaction processing. This process combines accomplice features and entry sequences and incorporates further information.

Entry sequence: A search technique for figuring out the info sources the system makes use of for partner determination and the order through which the sources are used.mySAP CRM accomplice processing has two important advantages over SAP R/3 accomplice dedication: Using the ordering of accesses in the access sequence (search strategy), it is possible to search for concerned companions in multiple place (sequence).There are more sources by which companions concerned in a transaction might be found.Besides from normal Customizing you should use the Business Add-In COM_PARTNER_BADI to outline three customized-made sources.

A partner determination process might be assigned to a transaction type and an item category. A
companion dedication procedure consists of three ranges: Process consumer (for instance, gross sales transaction, service transaction, opportunity) Companion features within the procedure (for instance, sold-to get together, worker responsible) Interface settings (which partners are displayed in the transaction within the basic view) You may block a associate willpower process for the dedication, that is, the companions stored in the procedure should not mechanically found by the system however should be maintained manually. For performance reasons, it can be helpful to make this adjustment, for instance, with Web Gross sales transactions.

For testing purposes, it might be helpful to investigate companion processing. You can show a log. For efficiency causes, it's best to not all the time document a log. Guide partner capabilities can also be saved within the transaction if they are not stored in the accomplice willpower procedure.The dedication time can be set for each partner function. Nonetheless, companion willpower occurs solely earlier than the initial save. If a transaction is saved after which subsequently altered, no new associate processing (dedication) takes place.

Entry sequences are outlined in Customizing.Within the accomplice determination procedure, you'll have the option to select with which entry sequence the accomplice must be decided for each companion function. If there is no such factor as a entry sequence within the companion dedication process for a accomplice function, you possibly can enter the associate manually. The following are entry sources:
  1. Business accomplice relationships
  2. The CRM Organizational Mannequin
  3. Preceding documents
  4. Pricing hierarchy
Customer's personal sources which would possibly be defined as Enterprise Add-Ins in Customizing .

The enterprise transaction (for instance, quotation, order, opportunity) is assigned to the transaction type Enterprise transaction types in Customizing.Process-customers are assigned to the companion determination procedure.Enterprise transaction kind and determination procedure must match with a view to assign a accomplice willpower procedure to a transaction type.In SAP R/3, the partner operate Offered-to occasion is used. In SAP CRM, nevertheless, the same accomplice operate is called Customer. In Customizing ,you'll find a way to specify that SAP R/3 offered-to events are SAP CRM customers.In SAP CRM, the partner operate Buyer is used. In SAP R/3 the same accomplice perform is identified as Bought-to party. In Customizing , you can enter SAP CRM clients as SAP R/three bought-to parties.

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