SAP CRM Actions in Customer Relationship Management

SAP CRM Actions in Customer Relationship Management has actions use the Submit Processing Framework (PPF), a Basis component, which can be automated with the initiation of outputs, follow-on paperwork or workflows.Utilizing the Actions tab page inside a business doc, you can show a list of actions that can be included within the enterprise transaction.An motion profile is set from the corresponding transaction type or item category.Actions are saved as motion definitions within an motion profile.You presumably can control action processing utilizing completely different settings and parameters:
  1. Motion changeable or executable in dialog
  2. Motion displayed in toolbar (SAP GUI)
  3. Processing time (when saving the document or by approach of choice report)
  4. Partner dependence
  5. Determination method
  6. Action merging
  7. Processing types (with entry of the specified form identify)
There are two modes available for defining situations:
  1. Mouse-oriented PC mode
  2. Direct text entry mode (traditional)
  3. User settings could be made to vary between each modes.
  4. When editing conditions, you need to use expressions and constants and connect them with operators, for instance, Status = 'in process'.
  5. Situations might be checked for proper syntax and tested.
If you choose Instantly because the processing time, the action is began as quickly as the beginning condition is fulfilled.If you choose Processing when saving the doc, the motion is started when the document is saved.If you choose Processing using the Choice Report, the motion is started after a variety report is executed if the start condition has been fulfilled. Actions are displayed in transaction documents that support actions and to which an action profile is assigned. You'll find a way to show a list of actions scheduled for the doc on the Actions tab page of a transaction document. The following information is displayed within the checklist for each motion:
  1. Status (action scheduled, action processed)
  2. Description (objective of action)
  3. Conditions (settings for motion definition and circumstances are displayed)
  4. Creator, Creation date
SAP Smart Kinds must be used to print, e-mail or fax documents corresponding to an order confirmation.Actions can create an occasion to begin a workflow.
?? Methods are Business Add-In (BAdI) implementations. You possibly can outline your personal BAdI implementation to adapt actions to your processes and needs. (EXEC_METHODCALL_PPF is the relevant BAdI.)

Examples for traditional methods embody the next:

  1. COPY_DOCUMENT (create a observe-up doc)
  2. COMPLETE_DOCUMENT (set status accomplished inside document)
  3. CREDIT_MEMO (create credit score memo item)
  4. REPAIR_ITEM (create a restore merchandise)
  5. 1O_EVENT_CREATE (create a workflow event)
You need to use the graphics tool, SAP Sensible Forms, to design the format of output forms. SAP delivers a quantity of Sensible Kinds for outputs in SAP CRM:
  1. Kind CRM_ORDER_CONFIRMATION_01 (appropriate for faxes, letters, and e-mail)
  2. Form CRM_ORDER_LEASING_01 (appropriate for faxes, letters, and e-mail)
  3. Type CRM_OPPORTUNITY_01 (appropriate for faxes, letters, and e-mail)
SAP Sensible Forms offer the advantage of adapting forms with out requiring programming data,because of a very graphical user interface.Once you request a printout of a form, the appliance program obtains the related information to be used and prints it on the form. Information retrieval and form logic are separated from one another.SAP Smart Forms substitute SAPscript varieties (migration from SAPscript kinds to Good Types is supported).

You ought to utilize the action monitor to monitor and trigger the processing of actions for several documents.The action monitor program, RSPPFPROCESS, originates from the Publish Processing Framework (PPF). You should use this program to check processing for all actions (for instance, output, comply with-on documents).Whenever you use the action monitor, you may receive an overview of which actions have been issued successfully. The Standing column displays whether or not the motion isn't yet processed, processed successfully, or processed with errors.

As soon because the processing time Processing by selection report for an action is ready in Customizing (for instance, an output), you can select the actions with this program and provoke their processing.It could possibly additionally make sense to use the motion monitor to process actions with the processing time When Saving, for instance, if time-dependent situations have been fulfilled after a sure time without any modifications to the document. The program should be executed usually in order that actions are additionally started in these cases.

SAP Business Workflow is an SAP Foundation component. Within the SAP CRM system, SAP Enterprise Workflow definitions and functions could be found underneath Architecture and Expertise-ABAP-Workbench-Workflow.Actions are a part of the Submit Processing Framework and therefore are Basis functionality. In SAP CRM,actions could be outlined in Customizing (Customer Relationship Management- Fundamental Features-Actions).

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