SAP CRM Marketing Personalized Mail Forms

SAP CRM Marketing Personalized Mail Forms allows users to flexibly construct e-mail templates.The construction tree presents an outline of all e-mail text blocks for the open e-mail template.When you are positioned on a specific textual content block, the related text could be seen within the overview area. In addition, within the overview area, conditions can be set to determine which standards should be fulfilled for the correct textual content block to appear within the e-mail.With the form painter, you can decide the layout of your forms , specifying, for instance, their basic design.The structure could be outlined for letters and faxes only.

Maintain a Mail Form

In the event you use a PDF together with Internet mail, the customer will get an e-mail with the PDF document as an attachment.The multi-MIME format is sometimes additionally called multi-part. Which means that there are two text formats contained in a single mail: plain text and HTML. Consequently, two texts in every form additionally must be created.Type Utilization: Determines for which communication channel the shape shall be used (common utilization, Web mail [SMTP], mail [Letter], fax, SMS [Pager Services]).

Customer Scenario

Preserve situation for mail types In this activity, you define a situation for mail kinds that lets you add new attributes and structures in mail form processing and to restrict the selection of fields to make the varieties simpler to read.The Industry Business Unit (IBU) or buyer situations outlined here can then be selected by way of the Course of mail type transaction.


With a view to learn the information from an IBU or buyer scenario, you want to should first create an implementation for the BAdI CRM_IM_ADD_DATA_BADI. This makes it possible to sele ct new information for mail forms.

Standard settings

The SAP state of affairs is all the time introduced as the usual scenario. IBUs and companions can create their very own situations as enhancements to the SAP standard. Prospects can improve the SAP and IBU scenarios. For the Customizing tables entries, totally different name ranges have to be used for IBUs and customers. Potential title ranges here is perhaps IBU_* and Z_*, for example.

To make use of the model new buyer situation, some Customizing within the IMG is necessary. Go to the IMG using transaction code /nspro. Open the CRM hierarchy and select Marketing. Choose Advertising Planning and Campaign Management. Choose Customized Mail. Start the IMG exercise Maintain Situation for Mail Forms.To create a model new state of affairs, choose New Entries. Enter the new state of affairs ID and the brand new description within the table. Select one of the three doable entries within the Advertising Attributes drop-down list.On account of these activities, the structure of the new situation is completed.Now the predominant points for this scenario must be determined. Select the situation you want to specify. In the construction tree, double -click the entry Marketing Attribute Sets.

Select the attribute units you wish to use in your scenario. Select New Entries. Choose your attribute set, and choose Save.In consequence, you possibly can see the brand new scenario by opening the entries for customer scenario on the Maintain Mail Form screen.Double-click on the brand new situation in the drop-down list. A model new window opens on the screen containing the following warning:
“A change to the scenario to your mail kind could result in problems if attributes from the earlier
situation have already been used in the form. Do you want to change the state of affairs?” Confirm with Yes.

As a result, you get a brand new object/attributes checklist on the Maintain Mail Form screen. You can find three customary objects beside the new attribute set. All customary info you want for mail varieties is now available.The preview shows the textual content blocks. To simulate conditions, different text blocks could be selected. If the text includes hypertext hyperlinks, the corresponding Web pages could be displayed. The textual content can additionally be displayed in a special language (offering the text is already translated).

Communication Channel Test

Since mail kinds may be dispatched by way of different channels (e-mail, fax, letter, SMS, and so forth), you want to test the sending process for these totally different channels before actually executing the campaign.Depending on the communication channel chosen, the mail seems in a preview window and is shipped to be transmitted, faxed, e-mailed, or printed as appropriate.All communication channels could be tested. For every channel, parameters can be maintained:
  1. Printing (printer gadget, printing choices)
  2. E-mail (e-mail deal with of recipient, e-mail sender)
  3. Fax (fax number)
  4. SMS (telephone number)
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