SAP CRM Software Logistics and Support

As in any R/3 setting, the event landscape for the CRM server consists of a growth system,test and quality assurance system and manufacturing system.Each of those systems ought to preferably reside on its own machine and be separated from the corresponding R/3 system.If crucial, varied growth and/or check programs may very well be combined on fewer bodily machines. However, this bears a sure risk.The individual programs are related by the usual SAP Change & Transport System (CTS).

The software program modifications transported by the Change and Transport System to the manufacturing CRM server consist of the design time change lists created by the Consumer Improve WIZARED and the modifications to the BDoc and middle ware repositories, each uploaded to the improvement CRM server for distribution.Replicated to the cellular production purchasers are the run time object change lists which can be additionally created by the Consumer Upgrade Wizard.

Adjustments to the BDoc Repository and the middle ware Repository are transported via the Change and Transport System, first from the development to the take a glance at system, after which from the test system to the manufacturing system.With a purpose to import software transports and distribute the corresponding data to the cell clients, you need to:
  1. first cease all the inbound and R&R queues on the relevant CRM server,
  2. then import the requests into the check or manufacturing system on that server,
  3. afterwards activate the software distribution process, and
  4. finally begin the inbound and R&R queues again.
Importing a CRM support package requires preprocessing and postprocessing steps.The CRM Support Package Supervisor makes use of the standard Help Package deal Supervisor (SPAM) performance and in addition offers all the preprocessing and postprocessing steps required. Among the steps to be carried out in the CRM Support Bundle Manager require person interaction,while others are non-interactive.

Use transaction SP_MANAGER to name up the CRM Help Package Manager.Alternatively the CRM Assist Bundle Manager can be began from inside transaction SPAM by means of:
Surroundings -> Help Package deal Supervisor for BBP/CRM

n Use transaction SPM_LOG to show log information about the steps performed by the CRM Assist Bundle Manager.Earlier than you presumably can truly import the support package deal, you first have to pick the related software part and help package name.

After having selected the relevant software component, it's vital to perform numerous further interactive and non-interactive steps . Importing a CRM assist bundle automatically entails the usual assist package supervisor SPAM. After having imported the CRM help package deal, you have to generate the runtime objects that correspond to the updated repository objects and unlock the locked CRM Online users.After having unlocked the CRM On-line users, you must carry out various further non interactive steps.These steps do not want any user interaction and will in all probability be executed mechanically right down to the subsequent step that needs user interplay, or till the method is finished or an error occurs. In case of an error, the step that precipitated the error is indicated.

Execute transaction SMP_LOG to view the log data ensuing out of your support bundle import.
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