SAP fico Report for Vendor Balances in Local Currency

This SAP finance and control (fico) ABAP report lists the vendor balances by vendor account number and reconciliation account. Vendor balances in local currency provides a high-level review of carry forward balances, current debit and credit balances for each vendor in the chosen period.

To run this sap fico report which is in build with out writing ABAP code, use one of the following access options:

1.Information systems → Accounting → Financial accounting
Accounts payable → Account balances

2.Choose System → Services → Reporting and enter RFKSLD00 in the Program field.

Then, choose Execute to run the report.

In the Command field, enter transaction F.42 and choose Enter.

You must make certain that both the fiscal year and reporting period is selected before running this ABAP report.

The output defaults to account sorting by 1, which means data sorts according to company code, then reconciliation account, and then the account number. Ideally, you should limit the report to criteria-based searches (for example, company code or a range of vendor accounts).

The selection screen of this sap fico report includes:

Dynamic selection options
User variables
Execution (and print) in background

Sample ABAP report with screen shots:

Create a list of all vendor balances for company 3000 for the year 1996.

To access the first screen for this report, choose

Information systems → Accounting → Financial accounting
Accounts payable → Account balances.

The input screen of SAP FICO report is as shown below for vendor balance in local currency .

Each point of the screen as explained as shown.

1. Enter 3000 in Company code.

2. Enter the year for which customer balances are to be reviewed (for example, 1996).

3. Enter a reporting period (for example, 01 to 16)in Reporting periods. The period determines the reporting debit and credit balances. Any period that is excluded in this selection will be captured in the opening balance or the balance for the entire period.

4. Enter the standard setting of 1 in Account sorting to sort the report by company code, reconciliation account, and customer account.

5. Choose Execute.

This out put screen of SAP ABAP fico program is as shows the list of customer balances for the selected carry forward period .

Each point of out put screen explains the following.

A Company code (3000) and reconciliation account (140000), followed by the customer accounts.

B Balances at the period start are listed for each customer (for example, customer 3000 BUSH has an opening balance of 22,150.00)

C Debit balance (528,906.55) for the period

D Credit balance (551,056.55) for the period

E Totals (provided by reconciliation account).

In this example, the carry-forward balance for the reconciliation account 140000 is 22,704.60. The reporting debit and credit balances are listed as 14,580,582.41 and 14,603,287.01.

F Total (for all reconciliation accounts in company code 3000)

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