Dr. Y S Rajasekhara Reddy The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister

Being a person of Andhra Pradesh I am very sad to write about the missing and unfolding accidental death of Dr Yeduguri Sandinti Rajasekhara Reddy who is a true hero here in Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh .

Andhra Pradesh today morning the death of its beloved leader and chief minister Dr. Raja Sekhera Reddy.

It is even difficult to digest the truth that YSR is no more.

He is a leader with courage and stick to the ideas that he believe.

There is no other one in the state and even in the south India who has that much strong fighting attitude who spared his life in reviving the fortunes of Congress party in the state.

He walked more than 1700 kilo meters in the name of Pada Yatra to know the ground realities of problems that the people facing and tried to solve all of them after getting into the power.

He is a leader with vision and farmers of Andhra Pradesh can not forget him. He completed and started so many water projects to keep the life of farmers happy and hope all of them will be completed in the coming future.

He believes people , friends and puts confidence on them which made him a true leader and all the followers literally feel that he is their man and Andhra Farmers are really saddened to hear this bad news.

We do your smiles for ever and it is for sure that no one can replace you and you are permanent in the peoples heart of Andhra Predash.

May god bless his soul.

What do you say dear friends ?

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