Accounts Recievable Information System Report for SAP

Extraction of data from SAP Finance module can be done with inbuild ABAP reports with out writing and code and programming. The previous report deals with Customer account open item analysis of SAP Finance.

This ABAP inbuild report with out any need of any coding and programming displays standard evaluations conducted in the following areas:
  1. Due date structure
  2. Payment history
  3. Currency risk
  4. Overdue items
You can further refine your choice of evaluation by company code, country, risk category, controlling area, dunning level, and so on. For example, the risk category evaluation node could be further exploded to lower levels to include group, credit control area, company code, or business area.

To run this ABAP report, use one of the following access options:

1.Information systems → Accounting → Financial accounting Accounts receivable → Select report

Information system → Accounts receivable information system (This is via menu path of SAP system)

2.Choose System → Services → Reporting and enter RFDRRANZ in the Program field.

Then, choose Enter. Then, choose the desired evaluation view (for example, Customer standard evaluations → Due date analysis). ( This is via SAP ABAP programme name)

An evaluation must be created in advance of running this report. Do this by choosing Accounting → Financial accounting → Accounts receivable → Periodic processing → Information system → Configure → Create evaluations.
The output of this SAP Finance report includes :

Dynamic sorting of output for a particular item (Shift+F5)

Sorting capability (by column): Select a column, then choose Edit → Sort in ascending/descending order (Ctrl+shift+F5/F4)

Summation by column: Select a column, then choose Edit → Add up values (Shift+F7)

Additional field selection (Shift+F6)

Graphics for displayed data (F5)

Example ABAP report :

Generate a due-date analysis for all companies. Then, drill down by one company to a particular customer for items due. Finally, drill down to the line items and the original accounting document.

To access the first screen for this report, choose

Information systems → Accounting → Financial accounting
Accounts receivable → Select report
Information system → Accounts Receivable Information System → Due date analysis.

It gives a SAP screen as shown below.

A partially exploded view of the Accounts Receivable Information System’s standard evaluations
displays with the following nodes:
  1. Due date analysis
  2. Payment history
  3. Currency analysis
  4. Overdue items
Each node has additional levels of evaluation at subnodes, or deeper levels of detail.

1. Click Evaluation by Company code.

Evaluation by company code has three subnodes:
  1. For group
  2. For credit controlling area
  3. For business area

2. Under Evaluation by company code, double-click on a subnode to execute its evaluation (for
example, 800 IDES-ALE: Central FI Syst).

This can be further drilled down for many details.

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