SAP Financial Production Start Up

SAP Financial Production Start Up is a way of knowing the need of the required software in ERP and how it works for you when you are launching.If you occur to should not have a pc system but, it's important to enter grasp knowledge and transaction knowledge manually, using the net functions.If you have already got a computing system (mainframe, minicomputer or PC) and want to proceed utilizing this data, carry out a knowledge transfer.To avoid wasting yourself the hassle of coming into a appreciable amount of master knowledge manually, write a program in your current system which makes the information accessible for R/3.You outline the necessities of this system according to the information you utilize and the data you require.There are SAP commonplace packages available that will assist you import your previous data into R/3. Alternatively,you can import the info instantly into the database by means of ”name transaction” or ”direct input”.

Importing the info by means of ”name transaction” or ”direct input” is faster in the case of giant datasets because the system doesn't perform any checks. In comparison, the batch input program is slower. The information isn't written to the database immediately however as an alternative is first compared in opposition to the desk entries.You could also create these programs your self to satisfy your particular requirements.

Data Transfer Methods

It may be conceivable to enter outdated information manually into the R/3 System within the following situations: Small amount of grasp data or transaction information, New organizational buildings concept which can't be derived from the outdated information,Intensive amendments with new, extra info which is not accessible within the outdated system.It is potential to import information by means of diskettes or magnetic tapes in the following conditions as

Totally different hardware platforms, Bodily distance without an digital information interchange line.For most projects it will doubtless be technically doable to make the info obtainable in a file format as information which may be processed using batch enter programs in R/3.Within the output program which you'll create, enter the data which you wish to use within the R/3 system right into a file to be processed further.For the data to be learn, you want to prepare the data in a format which will be read and checked by the batch input program.A net based entry is simulated when processing the switch program (session), that is key phrases are checked against the customizing entries. Records with lacking or improper key phrases are rejected and listed in an error log.The system creates a session which might be processed after correcting the customizing entries, or the master knowledge, or the enter data.

Output and Change Program

In the output and change program which you will create, there are usually a large quantity of translations you want to carry out.In Customizing, outline a translation desk for the key terms which differ out of your present keys.For key phrases which are newly out there in the R/3 System, create derivation guidelines for the translation table.

Instance:You don't have the time period ”account group” in your current system. This entry is, nevertheless, vital for the R/3 System since sure subject controls are carried out utilizing the account group. You should discover distinctive criteria which permit an allocation for the account group CASH. This can be the account quantity within an interval. All bank accounts in the legacy system are between 1100 and 1399 and are therefore given the key term ”account group CASH” with the indicator for ”account related to cash movement”.

Scheduling Data Transfer

For scheduling the data switch it is important that:
  1. The transfer packages have been extensively tested (all old information can be processed) The grasp data is present (transfer shortly before the productive start).
  2. The info transfer sequence has been decided (for example, initially the G/L accounts since account numbers which have to be available are outlined for the shopper and vendor accounts, assets and material grasp information)
  3. Enough time is allowed for checking that the information is full and accurate
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